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Tiiny berry

0-3 M Cotton Jabla-Pack of 5

0-3 M Cotton Jabla-Pack of 5

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Tiiny Berry Cotton Jabla:

Crafted with Care:
Woven from the finest, 100% organic cotton, luxuriously soft and breathable for ultimate comfort. Label-free and saliva-tested, perfect for even the most sensitive babies.
The fine weave gets cuddlier with every wash, becoming a treasured companion as they grow.

Quirky designs add a touch of personality to their everyday look.
Durable and eco-friendly, made to last and kind to our planet.

Why Choose Tiiny Berry Cotton Jablas:
Purest softness - 100% organic cotton, gentle on skin.
Safety-first - label-free, saliva-tested for peace of mind.
Naturally breathable - keeps your baby cool and comfy all day.
Adorable designs - stylish and snuggly.
Eco-friendly choice - good for babies and our planet.
Give your little one the gift of love and comfort.
Add the Tiiny Berry Cotton Jabla to your Little Star's wadrobe!

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