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Tiiny berry

Mittens & Booties - Butterflies

Mittens & Booties - Butterflies

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Even a little movement of those tiny hands and toes is enough to melt the strongest of the hearts. Softer than a feather and sweeter than sugar, these tiny heart-melters need all the pampering - for they are going to be small only for a small time! Get'em cozy and all wrapped up in the softest and safest muslin fabric with Tiiny Berry muslin mittens and booties combo. Curated with the baby-grade natural muslin, these mittens and booties are safe for your baby to even mouth.

Why Tiiny Beryy’s Muslin Mittens and Booties combo should be the #1 choice for your baby?

  • Label less product
  • Breathable fabric
  • Salaiva Tested
  • Easy to wash and wear
  • Various print print options
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