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Tiiny berry

Muslin Burp cloth- Zoo

Muslin Burp cloth- Zoo

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Burp cloths are one of the most underrated baby products. They are only remembered when there is drool, wet burps, or spittle’s and it’s too late to go fetch them. The most effective way of burping a baby is to place the baby on the shoulder and gently pat their back, however, in this process, the baby’s face and mouth come in close contact with the adult's clothes. This is extremely unhealthy and can cause the baby to pick up some harmful germs.

Tiiny Berry's Muslin Burp Cloth is of multiple usages serving both as a bib as well as a burp cloth making them extremely handy.

Why Tiiny Berry's Muslin Burp Cloth should be the choice for your baby?
Ultra-soft muslin layers Multi-functional (burp cloth cum bib)
Anti-allergic & 100% chemical-free
Durable & eco-friendly material The perfect gift for newborns
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