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Tiiny berry

Patched thottil-Giraffe

Patched thottil-Giraffe

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Tiiny Berry Thottil:
Sweet Dreams in a Gentle Sway

Imagine your little one drifting off to peaceful slumber in a cozy cocoon of comfort.

The Tiiny Berry Thottil (Jhula) offers gentle swaying motions that soothe babies naturally, promoting deeper sleep and calming fussiness.

Why Choose Tiiny Berry Thottil:

Widely acclaimed traditional method (Grandma Aprooved)
Soft & Breathable: Crafted from airy, lightweight fabric for year-round comfort.
Safe & Secure: Sturdy design ensures a safe and snug environment for your baby.
Portable & Easy to Use: Folds for convenient storage and travel.
Stylish & Sustainable:
Made with sustainable materials and adorable prints.
More Than Just a Swing: Use it as a play space for sensory exploration.
Add calming toys for visual stimulation.


Gift it as a unique and thoughtful baby shower present. Give your baby the gift of gentle comfort and sweet dreams. Add the Tiiny Berry Thottil for your Little Star's Uninterepted Sleep !

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