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Tiiny berry

Thottil & Net-Smiling Star

Thottil & Net-Smiling Star

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Tiiny Berry Thottil & Net 
Sweet Dreams in a Gentle Sway

Imagine your little one drifting off to peaceful slumber in a cozy cocoon of comfort.

The Tiiny Berry Thottil (Jhula) offers gentle swaying motions that soothe babies naturally, promoting deeper sleep and calming fussiness.

Why Choose Tiiny Berry Thottil:

Widely acclaimed traditional method (Grandma Aprooved)
Soft & Breathable: Crafted from airy, lightweight fabric for year-round comfort.
Safe & Secure: Sturdy design ensures a safe and snug environment for your baby.
Portable & Easy to Use: Folds for convenient storage and travel.
Stylish & Sustainable:
Made with sustainable materials and adorable prints.
More Than Just a Swing: Use it as a play space for sensory exploration.
Add calming toys for visual stimulation.


You took two hours to put the tiny one to sleep only to have a little mosquito wake them back again, this time crankier and more irritated. It’s a well-known FACT that Mosquitoes are a carrier of several terrible diseases and every parent puts in a lot of efforts to ensure they try their best to protect their little ones. Let Tiiny Berry Thottil Nets be your baby’s protective shield when sleeping. Tiiny Berry Thottil nets are created to give the parents the peace of mind they deserve. Laced with an easy to use zipper, and generous in size, the Tiiiny Berry Thottil nets allow free flow of air and protect the little ones from mosquitoes and other tiny insects. We matched the prints of the nets with our Thottil’s to create an appealing style.

Why Tiiny Berrys Thottil Nets should be the #1 choice for your baby:

  • 100% safe from mosquitoes
  • Well-stitched and durable
  • Excellent quality zippers
  • Easy to install
  • Breathable material that helps regulate the body temperature

Gift it as a unique and thoughtful baby shower present. Give your baby the gift of gentle comfort and sweet dreams. Add the Tiiny Berry Thottil for your Little Star's Uninterepted Sleep !

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